“My Story… But Then Is It Really My Story?” by Margaret Bankole

Christian minister and social advocate Margaret Bankole has won praise for helping people heal emotionally and spiritually. Her new book brings this powerful message of hope to the masses.

Experts agree this age is highlighted by a great number of wounded people both emotionally, mentally, and spiritually who are often lost and looking for help. One shining light in this area, who has devoted her entire adult life to helping transform lives for the better, is practising Barrister, Christian Minister, Certified Counsellor, and now author Margaret Bankole. In exciting news, Bankole recently announced the June 12th, 2018, release of her much anticipated new book, “My Story… But Then Is It Really My Story”, an eye-opening look at the trauma faced by a parent whose son is imprisoned after falling onto the wrong path and the steps that led to the ultimate healing and redemption of her family inside and out.

“The book is inspirational, timely and is a mother’s heart when she was in pain and trauma,” commented Bankole. “My inspiration for writing it was that I did not let my son go and through showing him unconditional love he turned his life around. Our family healed.”

The author continued, “I want to share the story with the world so that the world can see that we have a National Problem, here in the United Kingdom, it affects all strata of society and that mothers, fathers, siblings, aunties, uncles, cousins and so on are hurting, in pain and in trauma in need of an urgent solution that will change how society views the current state of murders, stabbings, shootings, and how it deals with this situation and gets them the emotional help. Prison alone is not the answer and in itself can cause more trauma for the family.”

She recently delivered a powerful speech about her book and her take on our current social economic issue regarding violence amongst our youth at Parliament in the House of Commons alongside The Reverend Al Sharpton, Diane Abbott MP and Lee Jasper.

Bankole certainly has an impressive resume of experience to fall back on when it comes to her work both of a professional and personal nature. Even beyond telling her story, the inspiring author lays out solid, actionable steps that be taken by families, especially African Caribbean families, who are experiencing similar issues that her own has had to face, in the hope her and her son’s personal experiences can help others avoid needless pain and suffering.

Early feedback for “My Story… But Then Is It Really My Story” has been remarkably positive across the board.
Cornelius Browne, Co-founder of the Mind Café, recently said in a five-star review,

“While reading the preface, I thought I caught the poignant lesson of Margaret’s family traumatic experience. She goes on to elaborate this tragic mind-set in 21st-century parenting as it manifests in her personal relationship with her children and it’s tragic consequences for her second son. Margaret also shows us practical steps that she has taken to be present in the life of each of her children. Personally, I’ve been schooled in skills I would otherwise never have learned as a parent. This book is a panacea for the intractable dysfunction in the African Caribbean community. I know this will not be the only solution but it definitely fills a vacuum. Some sceptics will say this mother is just making excuses for her son’s behaviour. Nothing could be far from the truth. I was privy to the young man’s story as it evolved. Without a shadow of a doubt, these were good parents. In her own words: “Eventually, I came to realise that my son does not define me. God kept me. I am precious in God’s sight”. I thank God, they never gave up and for their generosity of spirit to share their story for the rest of us to learn from.”

“My Story… But Then Is It Really My Story?” is out now and available from Amazon, Apple iBooks, and other good bookstores.

A book launch event will take place at the Hilton Hotel in Westminster on July 14th 2018. Tickets available on Eventbrite.co.uk.  For more information be sure to visit https://www.margaretbankole.com.

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  • 14th August 2018 at 1:56 pm

    Hi Margaret Bankole

    Great to hear you’re part of the family of Christ and destroying strongholds. I’m also a Christian
    and have a great opposition that is breaching my human rights.
    I would be greatful for any legal advice as I am only small in the faith . Thankyou


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