Storytelling Windrush Game launches as government announce annual Windrush Day.

As the government announces an annual day to celebrate the contribution of the Windrush Generation in Britain, a new storytelling game has been launched to ensure that their stories are shared and remembered.

Developed by Windrush campaigner Patrick Vernon OBE and Focus Games, Every Generation Game: Windrush Edition is a storytelling board game created to help families, friends and communities share their heritage, history, identity and culture through the telling of stories.

“I have been campaigning for a national day called Windrush Day and launched the 2018 petition for the Windrush Generation to be recognised as British citizens, and to receive compensation for financial issues and emotional trauma because of the threat of deportation from Britain. After a decade of campaigning, I look forward to annual Windrush Day celebrations and activities. The Windrush Game will raise awareness of the Windrush Generation and also the migration history of Britain which will help ensure that people’s stories are shared and remembered.” Patrick Vernon OBE.

The game is a fun way for everyone, irrespective of age, ethnicity and identity, to learn, share and reminisce about the social, economic and political change in Britain over the last 100 years. 20% of proceeds will go to the Windrush Justice Fund, and the game is an ideal activity for Windrush Day celebrations and activities, or simply to play at home with family and friends.

“As firm believers in the power of board games to encourage group learning, we think this game is a wonderful way to ensure the history and stories of the Windrush Generation aren’t lost. It will help younger generations to understand how the Windrush Generation helped shape Britain.Melvin Bell, Director & Co Founder, Focus Games.

The game encourages players to share their personal stories or use their imagination to invent stories sparked by picture cards and historical timelines provided in the game. These pictures and timelines illustrate key moments in history, highlighting the contributions of migrants to the development of multicultural Britain from 1900 to the present day.

Every Generation Game: Windrush Edition can be used in many ways, such as by families, in schools, at community events and by older people in care settings.

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