‘For the Sake of the World’, pray, Church, pray! by Victoria Fagg

Have you ever had an idea highjacked by God? One that takes you out of your comfort zone and away from all you’ve known?

Has He ever reshaped your thinking and caused you to pause, to pray, to reimagine; growing braver as you begin to expect that maybe, just maybe, there really is nothing impossible with God?

I’m sure you have.

This is what happened to me.

The world we live in is crying out for a move of God like never before.

Throughout the developing world, people are experiencing famine, displacement, war, hunger, sickness and fear. Here in the UK, our towns and cities are experiencing record levels of unemployment, substance abuse, homelessness and fractured families – leading to discouragement, isolation and intolerance. We are living in a time of perpetual hopelessness.

We know that, to see change, we need to pray.

As Prayer Communications Leader for Mission Aviation Fellowship UK, I understand this need, and it’s my role to facilitate prayer for MAF, our partners and those we serve across the 26 developing countries in which we operate. An MAF prayer conference seemed a reasonable way of doing this. But God had other ideas – and His ways are always higher (Isaiah 55:9).

‘For the Sake of the World’ is God’s idea.

He started to speak about the power found in humility, unity and diversity; about the body of Christ crossing cultural barriers and joining together; standing and believing His promises of restoration, healing, redemption and provision.

As a global mission movement, MAF facilitates and enables partners to reach people in dangerous, remote and isolated areas. So, the question became: why not partner and connect with friends in the UK too?

Rather than an MAF conference, the concept of a mission-focused prayer conference started to evolve, as God began to open one connecting door after another. His direction and strategy gradually unfolded, as it became apparent that the call to pray was for the global Church.

God showed me His chosen speakers and worship leaders, and then made it possible for me to connect with them. As we shared the vision, each participant confirmed that they too had been hearing the same thing.

Momentum began to build and with it an expectation that this really was the beginning of something new. Worship leader, Noel Robinson, agrees: “We are loving the vision of MAF, especially as it gathers Kingdom folk from across the nation! It is a significant moment we are living in, and the clarion call is being sounded across the earth. MAF is one of those prophetic calls announcing that God is up to something!”

‘For the Sake of the World’ recognises the broader picture of a hurting world in need of God’s healing. It acknowledges the call and the promise in 2 Chronicles 7:14, “If My people… will humble themselves and pray… I will heal their land.”

We want to respond to that call. Saturday 3 November 2018 will be an opportunity to share the need, equip in intercession, declare God’s purposes, mobilise ongoing prayer, and unite the body of Christ.

Partnering with Betty King Ministries, Prayer Storm, Elim Missions, Missio Africanus and Kingdom Worship Movement, we will worship together and learn how to be in the best position to intercede: aligned, covered, effective and expectant.

We will hear about the wider missional needs across the globe: specifically looking at planting churches in the global south, reaching the remote and isolated, as well as the challenges of the mission field to those who feel called to the UK.

There will be breakout workshops offering the opportunity to delve deeper into specific types of prayer. The evening will be a time of celebration and declaration – calling out the next generation of missionaries, intercessors and financial supporters. Ticket prices are low, making the day accessible to all.

Dr Harvey Kwiyani, theology professor and founder of Missio Africanus, says: “God’s mission on earth is always carried through prayer. The coming of God’s Kingdom is made possible by the prayers of God’s people.

“As a matter of fact, a great deal of what happens in this world and in our lives depends on prayer, or lack thereof. In enabling prayer by organising this conference, MAF helps us respond to God’s call for such a time as now. Our nation needs prayer, so we’d better respond!”

‘For the Sake of the World’ will be more than a conference. It is more than any one organisation or grouping. It’s about God’s people uniting to see the world radically transformed.

1 Timothy 2:1 urges us, ‘first of all’, to pray for all people.

This conference is an invitation to do just that. We begin with prayer… Will you join us from the very beginning?

The world will be changed as a result of this day!


Victoria Fagg is Prayer Communications Leader, MAF UK

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