New Music: Ché Sampson – ‘Rest’ 

South London’s singer-songwriter, Ché Sampson, is back with new single, ‘Rest’.

Following her debut EP, New Every Morning, released back in 2013, Ché makes her return to the music scene with ‘Rest’, a track with an acoustic feel and a fusion of percussive African and Indian sounds, but still incorporates a soulful urban style.

Ché explains how the single came about: “This song was inspired by my need to not excessively worry about life’s pressures to where sleepless nights and anxious thoughts became my regular mindset. Matthew 6:26 says, ‘If God takes care of the birds, how much so would He take care of us?’ Be it unpaid bills, job interviews, relationship pressures or health concerns, God will take care of you.”

Learn more about Ché Sampson at her website,

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