St Pauls Carnival 50th Anniversary – Celebration – Unity – Community

When Soul2Sole Sound System, based in Bristol started 7 years ago, the vision was not to just play gospel music, but to make a long lasting positive impact in the lives of its listeners. That motivated them into believing that they could start living a life that reflected their passion, and to know that God has a plan for them and can use their lives to make an impact in their community.

Soul2Sole realised the power of music as a tool that can touch the deepest parts of the human soul that can create an atmosphere to bring hope and faith to its listeners and bring calm where there is turmoil or fear. Music can affect us in many ways and sometimes in ways we don’t even recognise or understand. One thing the Chief Executives of Soul2Sole Sound System, Mel and Carmen Carrol know for sure, is that they have been given a creative tool to share the gospel of Christ.

They combine their passion of gospel and soulful house music to bring uplifting sounds to the events where they perform.  As well as Co-Presenters on their radio show for the past 8 years on community station, Ujima Radio 98FM Bristol on Saturdays 2pm-4pm, which reaches over 25,000 listeners weekly.  They also syndicate their show on radio on Sat 2pm-4pm and repeats on Mon 1am-3am & Thur 1pm-3pm, which has regular listeners in over 83 different countries. Soul2Sole has become instrumental in providing positive and uplifting music and the practical tools for faith and self-improvement and providing a platform to share the message of hope and peace into the community.

We are in the year that celebrates 70 years since the Windrush generation, who came to England to work as Nurses, Cleaners and Drivers. It was only supposed to be for a short period of time, but today the Caribbean community continues to be an influential gift to Britain through its work ethic, diverse culture, loyalty, spicy food and its music, which has shaped the UK like no other culture.

There is another celebration taking place to mark the influence of the Caribbean community, which takes place on Sat 7th July 2018 at St Paul’s Carnival, which celebrates the best in African Caribbean culture and its 50th anniversary. One day during the summer, the streets of Bristol come alive with the smells of spicy sweet tastes of the Caribbean as people cook curried mutton, festival, jerk chicken, rice and peas, with a cold drink to quench the thirst, with the elaborately bright and colourful costumes, the air is filled with the sounds of the steal pan and sound systems.

Bristol is a unique city that is as cultural and creative as it is historic. It has everything. That’s why it’s perfect for you whatever you’re looking for. As you can imagine, the event has evolved since then, but Soul2Sole aspires to represent the diversity of gospel music through its live stage. Its artists and DJ’s showcase their talent to a live audience, which has proven to provide great exposure and has built self-confidence to the performers. The festivities will begin from 12 noon to 10:00pm. They will be located on the corner of Upper York St and Wilder St in Bristol (BS2 8QN).

Artist & DJ’s are represented from different parts of the UK: DJ Mel & Carmen Carrol, Keilah Cadogan, LoLo RaE, Ellis Aaron from Bristol, DJ Silver from Cardiff. Bro Howard Harvey (aka Praise Machine) & Bishop E George Beason (aka The Flame) from Gloucester. Lytie Powell from Birmingham and DJ G and Darius from Oxford.

St Paul’s Carnival has grown in size and reputation around the world as one of Bristol’s biggest attractions. Crossing generations through a celebration of Afro Caribbean culture, it is an event where every float, every stage, every performer and every person tells a story; and that story is how music and dance and community can bring people together. It’s been four years since the last carnival and it was greatly missed by the community. It is hoped that the 100,000 supporters will blow their whistles, put on their dancing shoes, drink in one hand and jerk chicken in the other and support this iconic event. There will also be a 1,000 strong procession taking place from local schools, community and visiting groups.

This truly represents the immense creativity, vibrancy and diversity that enrich the City of Bristol. Crossing generations and breaking down boundaries with each year, Soul2Sole continues to make an impact in the gospel scene in Bristol, as the only official gospel sound system at the event.

They have received increased interest and support from local churches, which has brought about building even stronger relationships.

Soul2Sole would like to send out a big thank you to their sponsor and partners, who have captured their vision to bring a message of hope, to uplift, encourage and change lives: BRB Easton Ltd Supermarket, Bible Society, E5 Bristol City Church, Ivy Church, Urban Central Sounds, Patricia Rhema PR Events Promotion, Keep The Faith Magazine, DSS Audio and Just Love Nibbles.

Soul2Sole is keen to work with Artists, DJ’s and businesses or individuals for sponsorship. In return you will receive media exposure at this prestigious event. To find out more information please contact us. 

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  • 5th July 2018 at 7:31 am

    Carnival should stop now .the black community in st pauls is long dead .its just culture vultures profiteering off of its name at this point .


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