Manchester’s Lily-Jo is ‘Unstoppable’ 

Pop artist and former LZ7 singer, Lily-Jo, drops new 5-track EP, ‘Unstoppable’, returning in 2018 with her message of inspiration and determination to live a healthy, God-filled life. This message can be heard throughout her songwriting and multiple collaborations with many celebrated writers, notably Jake Isaac, The Outlanders and Tom Read.

An accomplished performer and licensed counsellor, Lily-Jo is a positive voice motivating young people and adults through public speaking and social media. Her online platform ‘The Lily Jo Project’ has won awards for its services to mental health.

“I’m passionate about individuals living their best, unstoppable life,” says Lily-Jo. “This EP has been written to stir up and unlock those desires and dreams that are within each of us. No matter what background or culture you are from, no matter what other seemingly disadvantaged position people remind you of, you can live your unstoppable life.”

The lead single off the EP is also entitled ‘Unstoppable’ and was co-written with Philippa Hanna. Have a listen at

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