Bishop Michael Currys’ book published in UK for the first time

Hodder Faith are pleased to announce that they have acquired the rights to publish three of Bishop Curry’s books here in the UK for the first time.  Bishop Michael B. Curry’s passionate and exuberant sermon at the wedding of Prince Harry to Megan Markle in May 2018 made headline news around the world and created a social media storm.


Andy Lyon, Publishing Director at Hodder Faith, said that the company was thrilled to be publishing Crazy Christians, Songs My Grandma Sang and Following the Way of Jesus over the next 9 months.  These books were previously published only in the US. ‘Bishop Curry made religion front page news after his involvement in the royal wedding – there can’t be many sermons recently that have prompted so much discussion and debate,’ said Lyon. ‘We are delighted that these three accessible and thought-provoking books will now be available for readers here in the UK.’

Crazy Christians: A radical way of life will be the first of Curry’s books to be released in the UK by Hodder Faith.


‘What the Church needs, what this world needs, are some Christians who are as crazy as the Lord. Crazy enough to love like Jesus, to give like Jesus, to forgive like Jesus, to do justice, love mercy, walk humbly with God—like Jesus. Crazy enough to dare to change the world from the night-mare it often is into something closer to the dream that God dreams for it. And for those of us who would follow him, those of us who would be his disciples, those of us who would live as the people of the Way? It might come as a shock, but those of us called to that life are called to craziness, too.’  

Bishop Curry


Crazy Christians will be published in paperback on 20 September 2018 (160 pages, £10.99, ISBN 978 1 4736 9746 1).

It will be followed on 24 January 2019 by Songs My Grandma Sang (pb, 144 pages, £10.99, ISBN 978 1 4736 9748 5) and on 4 April 2019 by Following the Way of Jesus (pb, 96 pages, £9.99, ISBN 978 1 4736 9750 8).

Rhoda Hardie

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