Mike Pilavachi & Andy Croft Lifelines: Sound Advice

Lifelines: Sound Advice from the Heroes of the Faith Andy Croft and Mike Pilavachi

In the introduction to their new book, Andy Croft and Mike Pilavachi outline the two reasons which led them to write Lifelines. Firstly, they share a real longing to introduce a new generation of Christians to the Bible, which this book does by ‘putting different Biblical characters under the microscope’; secondly, they explain that the Bible is full of people who can act as friends and guides to us in our journey of faith. ‘Although we are separated by millennia, we wrestle with the same questions and face the same challenges,’ they write. ‘Their lives can stir and shape ours; the race they ran for God can encourage us to run faster and truer.’

Lifelines introduces us to 8 prominent men and women from the Old and New Testament – often flawed and yet ultimately inspiring characters – whose stories of faith can help to guide our own as we try to ‘listen to God’s whisper’ and discover his purpose for us. As we explore the lives of the apostle John, Elijah, Ruth, Joseph, David, Daniel, Samson and Mary, the authors discuss a wide range of topics, including: ambition and competitiveness; the transforming power of love; exhaustion and being overwhelmed; the struggle to connect with God in the everyday; the importance of silence and space alone with God; the importance of relationships; loneliness; commitment and sacrifice; forgiveness; perseverance; our unrealistic expectations in our ‘instant’ 21st century culture (‘we are into microwaving; God is into marinating’, they write); the importance of humility, dedication and dependence; going against the flow and challenging the culture around us; temptation and the sins that seduce us; costly worship; and much more. Throughout the book, the authors weave in stories of key people they have met over the years who have helped them on their journeys of faith, as well as sharing their own experiences of difficult times, including burnout and serious family health issues. The book includes questions for group discussion and is written in a very engaging style, revealing the authors’ strong friendship with each other as well as their deep relationship with God.

‘Life with God is to be lived out in the gritty, raw, messy, unglamorous, unpredictable, difficult, glorious everyday… We will at times be daunted. But never forget, the God of John, Elijah, Ruth, Joseph, David, Daniel, Samson and Mary is your God. It is he who loves you, will be faithful to you, and will keep you under the shadow of his wing.’

8 Bible characters to inform and inspire our faith and our lives

‘I absolutely love this book.’ – Pete Greig, founder of 24-7 Prayer

‘A must read for anyone seeking to live out their faith.’ – Danielle Strickland, author and international speaker

‘Deep practical insights written in an extraordinarily accessible style.’ – John & Debby Wright, National Directors, Vineyard Churches UK & Ireland

Paperback, 256pp, 978-1-4347-1186-1, £9.99, Published July 2018


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