London’s largerst black business networking event to be held at start of Black History Month  announces the capital’s biggest Black Business networking and growth event to be held at the beginning of Black History month on 25th September at We Works, Aldgate Towers, E1 8FA from 6pm to 9pm.

In a relaxed setting, businesses can network, generate leads, build relationships, make new contacts and sell to over 200+ like-minded owners and managers.

They will also have the opportunity to attend themed workshops on ‘Selling to Large Retailers and ‘Growing Your Business With Instagram’. The event aims to attract business owners, directors and senior management from a rich and diverse mix of business sectors.

Tayo Idowu of said

“Anecdotally its being shown that many small businesses find approaching large retailers can be intimidating and frustrating so many give up before they even start, believing that they have little chance of success.  However if a brand is able to answer questions like what specific problem does its product solves, or that it can meet the retailers stringent requirements and that it understands the decision-making process, legal issues, etc then it stands a good chance of being able to pitch to the retailer.”

He continues

“Many BME businesses are missing out on lucrative contracts with many large retail outlets simply because they don’t understand how to approach their buyers. During the workshop they will learn how to research how their products fits into the retailers current range, how to convince the buyer to meet you face-to-face, how to prepare a good and memorable pitch and what buyers are looking for and much more.”

Instagram is currently the best social media platform for brands who want to convert users to paying customers, at the event Franklin Boateng aka MR FABSNETWORK, the King of Instagram will be delivering an interactive and lively session on how brands can grow their businesses exponentially through the power of this marketing tool.

Dawn Nicole Designs, is an example of brand that grew 515% in one year through the power of Instagram by focusing on creating a community of engaged followers.  BNGL attendees can learn how they can  achieve similar dazzling success.

Also unique to the event will be our African Barter wall. As its Black History month we want attendees to return to their heritage and revive this ancient method by which businesses exchanged services. Businesses will be able to state what services they are offering and what services they would like in return without money changing hands. This will prove to be very popular on the night.”

Other activities at the evening event include speed networking sessions, business presentation pitches, cultural raffle draws and much more.

“We also want Black businesses to meet face-to-face,” adds Tayo, “virtual platforms like Whatsapp, Facebook etc have their place, but nothing can beat meeting a prospective customer directly to really seal the deal. This is why trade shows are still popular in today’s digital world. There is nothing out there that allows Black businesses to interact directly on a regular basis. That’s why this event is so needed.”

With a captive audience and a limited number of stalls it’s a fantastic opportunity for exhibitors to generate contacts and sales directly with customers eager to buy a variety of products and services from ‘black owned businesses.

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