Your chance: Young leaders to speak about extremism and hatred

Faiths Forum for London and Integrity UK are working in conjunction with the Mayor’s Office for Policing and Crime (MOPAC) to deliver workshops with young people aged 13-25 to have their voices heard on counter-extremism strategies affecting their communities.

The programme has three core objectives:

  1. To strengthen London’s minority and marginalised communities
  2. To safeguard the vulnerable
  3. To stop the spread of extremist ideologies

If you are interested in issues such as radicalisation, hate crime, Islamist and far right extremism; we need you. We are calling on  youth clubs, faith institutions and local community centres who can facilitate the focus groups along with our peer researchers, to work with the young people who can provide grass root knowledge  of what works and what is counterproductive in some of the strategies currently being applied.

We are seeking to deliver 30 workshops, which will run between October to November and will hear the views of young people on:

  • Stopping the spread of hatred and of extremist ideologies
  • Safeguarding the vulnerable
  • Strengthening London’s minority and marginalised communities

The research will be anonymous and will feed into MOPAC’s review and a report which will be published next year.

If you are interested in influencing policy or would like further information, please email:


Faiths Forum for London 

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