Good News Bible: The Youth Edition Launched

Youth for Christ and the Bible Society have joined forces to create a truly unique Bible to meet the needs of young people today, by connecting directly with their world. The brand-new youth edition of the Good News Bible will be launched at the Christian Resources Exhibition at Sandown Park, October 16th-18th 2018.

At Youth for Christ, we know how crucial the Bible is to seeing young people’s lives changed by Jesus. The challenge is that many young people today are biblically illiterate. So, when the Bible Society came to us to ask if we would produce a brand-new youth edition of the Bible, we leapt at the opportunity.

We started by asking young people what they wanted from the Bible and listening to their ideas. That’s why the Bible we have produced has over 400 creative and interactive sections running throughout to help young people engage (or re-engage) with God’s word in an exciting and fresh way and dig deeper. These include paragraphs to colour in, links to YouTube videos on key themes, challenges and paragraphs to help young people learn more about what they are reading.

Church Resources Director, Laura Hancock, says:

“The new youth edition of the Good News Bible helps young people explore their own responses to the Bible’s timeless message, in a way that’s relevant to their lives. Regardless of where a young person is on their faith journey – this Bible is for them.”

You will be able to buy your copy from or the Bible Society’s website.

To celebrate the launch, we will also be giving away free copies in person this Saturday (October 13th) through our Good News Bible Hunt.

We will be sharing clues and directions on social media to soon-to-be-revealed locations in London, Scotland, Wales, The North of England and The Midlands. If you are the first to turn up at one of these, you’ll get a free copy of the new Bible.


Tim Adams

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