Serena Williams: ‘It hasn’t been easy being a black tennis player’

In a press conference in Philadelphia, the 23-time Grand Slam winner Serena Williams spoke about the challenges she is facing as a mum and the unfair treatment that pregnant black African-American women are getting.

Serena already ended her season and she is enjoying a lot of free time with her daughter Olympia.

“I always have these insecurities that I’m not good enough as a mom. We all go through these different emotions that we all don’t feel comfortable talking about.

But I think we should. It hasn’t been easy being a black tennis player in a sport that black people typically didn’t play. There was no manual for that, really. My sister, Venus, obviously came a year before me. She opened so many doors for me and pushed a lot of boundaries”, said Serena.

The former world No. 1, who will start her 2019 season at the Hopman Cup in Perth, added:


“I did some research and I was alarmed that our black mothers are not being taken care of. It’s in this country that is supposed to be so technologically advanced.”


Written By:  LUIGI GATTO 

First Published 14.10.18:

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