Christian Health And Fitness Power Couple To Launch New Afro-Praise High Intensity Workout Video

London based dynamic power couple Tomiwa and Oge Akinola are on a mission to change the relationship the church community has with health and fitness by developing what could well be the new workout trend, ‘Afro- Praise High Intensity Interval Training (APH). The couple have created a 30-minute high intensity workout video complete with a combination of tried and tested exercises and African dance moves. The workout routine is uniquely performed to Afro-Praise music, with the instructors encouraging participants to praise their way through to the end. APH is a high quality workout video set for official release on YouTube on 20th October 2018.

The couple who have been married for 7 years and have four children aged 6 and below, have been using their healthy living and fitness journey to help people within their local church for some time. With interest growing rapidly they set up their Christian Health and Fitness brand, ‘Body Praise’ and created resources that would support the church to deliver the message of the body being the temple of the Lord.

Tomiwa who has been working out for many years and learning about the physical and spiritual benefits of a healthy lifestyle said;

“We really want to create awareness and educate Christians about the importance of linking their spiritual life to their physical health. The two must go hand in hand. We include the Holy Spirit in many areas of our lives but not when it comes to our health, our fitness journey and our body – His Temple. It is our responsibility to looks after and maintain a strong and healthy temple. I would go as far as saying we need to develop a good stewardship mentality when it comes to looking after our bodies. A lot of the prayers for healing wouldn’t be necessary if we made better food choices and incorporated exercise into to lives as spiritual people. Why not praise God for your life, your family, your body, your health as you work out and receive strength from the Holy Spirit?”

Oge who has been supporting women pre and post pregnancy in taking control of their personal fitness and body confidence through her company Bump n Chic said:

“After having my second baby, I had gained a lot of weight – growing from a size 8 to 14. I was very unhappy with my body. Tomiwa had always worked out and so he would encourage me to take action. I started to incorporate better eating principles and structured working out within family life at home and found that my body started to change. Before long I had lost all the weight, but beyond that I was stronger, fitter and more energetic.

We turned this into a lifestyle for our whole family. I started to get a lot of questions from other women as did my husband from men as he took his commitment to his health to the next level. So we decided that we’d do what we can to assist people to kick start their own healthy lifestyle.”

The APH workout which will be available for free on Youtube was directed and shot popular videographer, Uvi Orogun. The soundtrack of Afro-Praise songs was sang by Oge herself.

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