Christian woman raises awareness about domestic abuse

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A Christian woman is launching a project to raise awareness of domestic violence.

Ihu Nweke, 41, from The Croft in Loughton, will launch the Behind The Mask project this week as part of Domestic Violence Awareness Month.

The mum of three hopes to spread awareness of domestic violence through the project. The project will run events to educate and encourage behavioural change as well as offer subsidised therapy and counselling to survivors of domestic violence.

The project will launch with a themed gala event on Saturday 27 October at De Vere Hotel, Theobald Estate in Cheshunt.

Guests attending the event will wear face masks as a symbol of the hidden nature of domestic violence.

Mum of three, Ihu Nweke,  said, “Domestic abuse is a taboo subject that no one wants to discuss.  However it is present in all walks of life and socio-economic classes.

“I know that abuse can cause significant damage and longterm effects. That’s why I’m launching Behind the Mask. I would like to offer ongoing help and support to Domestic Violence survivors and their families because the family is still the best place to raise future generations. If we get that right, there will be less broken people out there hurting people and there will be a reduced strain on public services from the NHS to the police.”

“Domestic violence is not only against human law, it is against God’s design and law. God has asked us to love one another as ourselves. In Romans, Paul even said that love does no harm to a neighbour and love is the fulfillment of the law.”

Tickets for the event cost £65 and can be purchased at

For more information about Behind the Mask, visit



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