Christianity Explored In Albania

Following the launch of Christianity Explored (CE) in Albania in May, the evangelistic course is already having a major impact across that nation. After 80 church pastors attended the launch, and with CE now translated in full into the Albanian language, the numbers now speak for themselves.

So far 140 leaders have been trained in running CE courses; over 1,500 course notebooks have been distributed in 52 churches; six courses have finished and a further 26 are ongoing. Most importantly, and most excitingly, 36 participants have already accepted Christ. These numbers are set to increase dramatically over the next few months as more and more churches across Albania capture the vision for reaching friends, families and colleagues with the Gospel via Christianity Explored.

Albania is a tough mission field. The country has seen chronic social, economic and political collapse since the fall of Communism in 1991, jobs are few and many people have emigrated from one the poorest countries in Europe. Many churches are poor and have very few resources, but the mission field is currently ripe for harvest. The country is 60-70% Islamic, but most Muslims are nominal believers and there is much local interest in Christianity.

Ian Roberts of Christianity Explored Ministries, commented:

“I was privileged to meet some wonderful Albanian Christians hungry for good resources to use when I visited in May. So it’s a joy to see the fruit emerging – some coming to faith for the first time and others going deeper into the Bible. Our resources train and evangelise at the same time. So with the opportunity to use Christianity Explored in all settings – large group, small group, and one to one – we look forward to playing our part in helping the Church there towards both numerical growth and greater maturity in Christ.”

Christianity Explored Ministries are partnered in Albania by Adopt-a-Child to translate and promote the CE materials. 2,000 leaders books and 10,000 notebooks have already been published in the vernacular language.

For more information about Christianity Explored Ministries’ resources and materials, telephone 0207 636 6406. Or see the website,


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