British Black creative groups supports release of The Hate U Give movie

The New Black Film Collective (TNBFC), in collaboration with Black British Female Artist, Black Femme Film, Black Girls Book Club, We Are Parable and The British Blacklist, pulled together a series of events to celebrate free preview screening events across 5 cities and the film’s UK release on October 22nd.

The Hate U Give is the upcoming film adapted from the bestselling YA novel of the same name by Angie Thomas. Starring Amandla Stenberg as ‘Starr Carter’ The Hate U Give is a powerful tale of a young girl who comes from the ‘wrong side of the tracks’. Raised in a poor, black neighbourhood, she hides that part of her identity once she enters the white prep school she attends. She resorts to code-switching in order to balance her two completely different worlds.

Struggling to fit in, it’s not until Starr is witness to the fatal police shooting of her childhood best friend Khalil (Algee Smith) that she’s forced to pick a side. Exposing the tensions between her community, the police, and local gang lords, and the prejudices of her rich white friends, Khalil’s murder is the catalyst, which propels Starr to find her voice and make a stand.

Starring a brilliant cast including Regina Hall, Russell Hornsby, Issa Rae, Common, Anthony Mackie and directed by George Tillman Jr. – The Hate U Give is a powerful indictment of society’s ills through the eyes of a young black girl.

Examples of the activity include a pop-up event hosted by Black Femme Film called “Finding your voice”. Inspired by the themes of “The Hate U Give”, it was awash with talent and conversation. With a mix of live poetry performances, musical sets and a lively panel, the evening drew in many attendees who spent their Thursday evening at Our Vodka London, where it was held.

The film club aims to shine a light on the heavy topics in the film but ultimately the most important, which is one of hope. “We really wanted to provide an opportunity for those who the film represents to discuss what it means to them and how they see themselves and the voice in this current cultural climate”, stated the co-founder – Monique Monrowe.

Moving to Birmingham, Black British Female Artist (BBFA) collective put together an art workshop, which was a creative vehicle and outlet for the participants to express their feelings about the film and its representation. “It was both therapeutic and cathartic to have a room full of brown faces that could resonate and bond over the pieces they created, whilst connecting their own experiences of navigating the dual identity of being Black and British” commented the MD of TNBFC Priscilla Igwe.

The THUG sessions also reached Bristol’s Afrifest, Manchester’s ZineFest and a female empowerment evening curated by Our Mel in Sheffield. It was important for TNBFC to bring this type of film to the regions, which is often ignored when it comes to the release of Black titles. This fulfils its mission to increase cinematic provision and choice for Black and mainstream audiences throughout the UK.

The New Black is a nationwide network of film exhibitors, educators and programmers of Black representation on screen. Previous campaigns include Yardie, Grace Jones: Bloodlight & Bami and The Birth of A Nation.

To watch the trailer click HERE 

Below are highlights of each of the events across 5 cities. Simply click on the link to watch the video







Priscilla Igwe

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