Introducing the UKs First MA African Christianity at Liverpool Hope University

The Postgraduate School of Theology at Liverpool Hope University is launching an exciting new MA African Christianity programme, the first of its kind in the UK and Europe. The new course, which will start in February 2019, will be taught by leading distinguished and award-winning scholars such as Professor Andrew F. Walls, Professor of the History of Missions, a leading international authority in the study of World Christianity with experience spanning over 60 years.

Dr Harvey-Kwiyani

African Christianity is a force to be reckoned with. In Africa adherence to the religion continues to explode, but in the UK too it is African Christianity, including its powerful Afro-Caribbean expression, that has now become a major shaping force. In cities such as London more Africans attend church than native British people and this is changing Christianity’s public face. Colourful worship services, exuberant singing, flamboyant dancing and loud night vigils, right on British high streets, tell of an exciting phenomenon: African Christianity is here to stay.

Liverpool Hope University will be launching the new MA African Christianity programme on Saturday 8th December 2018 at 4pm in Hope Chapel, Hope Park, Liverpool. Potential students and any others who are interested in hearing more about this development are welcome to attend. Those interested should register their attendance by visiting our dedicated web page:

While this is a full Masters course, options exist to study in smaller blocks leading to either a Postgraduate Certificate or Postgraduate Diploma. The University has decided to make this course of study available at a 20% discounted price for those beginning their studies in February 2019.

The new MA is designed to provide students with the opportunity to explore the theological, social and historical dynamics to Christianity in Africa with particular emphasis upon contemporary developments. While this is a full Masters course, options exists to study in smaller blocks leading to either a Postgraduate Certificate or Postgraduate Diploma.

Liverpool Hope University is a Christian foundation and the only ecumenical University in Europe and our new Master’s program, the ‘MA African Christianity’, is one of the ways that we have responded to the challenge of understanding the significance of this major shift. Our first students on the course begin their studies in February 2019.

This exciting course will be of great help to African and Caribbean ministers in Britain and Europeans who work in Africa or with Africans in the Diaspora. It enables them to explore the diverse forms of worship, faith and life of African Christians both in their historic and contemporary dimensions, and both within Africa and in the African Diaspora. It will also benefit those students, who study World Christianity, world religions, and other subjects related to Africa and Africans, such as African politics, African philosophy, sociology of religion, and anthropology.

The course is unique as it is only available at Liverpool Hope University and is the first of its kind anywhere either in the UK, Europe or North America. The breadth and depth being entirely dedicated to the study of African Christianity alone. The Program Leader, Dr Harvey Kwiyani is an African scholar with vast experience in ministry in Britain.

Hope Park campus

The MA strikes a delicate balance in its content, giving students an opportunity to explore the expansive world of African Christianity. It is sensitive in bringing together the historic roots of African Christianity and its adaptation to cultures outside of the continent. Thus, students will learn about early North African Christianity (and its relevance to current African Christianity) in one module and about contemporary African prophetism in another. The program is designed to give students the best overview of the current situation of Christianity in Africa while also giving the African minister in Britain the practical tools for cross-cultural ministry.

Hope chapel

The program opens up the possibility of a number of career opportunities as students develop their wide range of knowledge, skills and experiences. These could be applied in a variety of contexts, from congregational ministry to mission agencies and diplomatic organisations. Graduates of this program will also be equipped for further studies at PhD level.

For further information about the new MA African Christianity programme please telephone: 0151 291 3863 or e-mail:

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