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New Day is an audio visual company based in Gloucester. We think of ourselves as a ministry to the church as well as being a business. Our heart is to help churches with sound, video and lighting both for in church and to reach out to the community through broadcasting.  Whatever the church need or vision we offer free surveys and a lot of audio visual passion!

HS-1300: A Self-contained Video Streaming Studio

The new Datavideo HS-1300 was a talking point at the NAB Show 2018 and is perfect for houses of worship wanting to launch out using video both within the church and to broadcast to the internet.

The HS-1300 is a complete portable, six input switcher (4 SDI, 2 HDMI) with it’s own built-in monitor and is capable of streaming and recording simultaneously. To record an mp4 file pop in your SD card and record up to 16 Mbps. The HS-1300 has five outputs: three HDMI for program out and two SDI for the output of your choice. For sound there are two XLR inputs allowing for an external connection from a sound desk. Other features include chroma key, luma key and two DSK’s for alpha channels. The HS-1300 has picture in picture (PIP) and a stills store. With the T-bar control, a wide variety of transitions and preview settings the HS-1300 has all the buttons you need for your service or conference.

The HS-1300 is ideal for houses of worship enabling multi-camera display to the main screen as well as streaming simultaneously to those unable to attend your service or conference. The two HDMI inputs allow for two laptops/pcs to be connected, thus allowing for both sermon presentations and song words to be at the ready. The DSK allows overlays of song words over video and the PIP is perfect for showing two outputs at the same time.

For more information click the link  or call us at New Day to discuss further.

Panasonic AG-AC30 Handheld Camcorder

We’re high-lighting this camcorder for churches because it’s full HD, is able to zoom in for close-ups from the back of a church or conference room, comes at a low price and being lightweight, makes it versatile for any creatives at your church.

The Panasonic AG-AC30 has some great features: a 20x optical zoom (29.5 mm – 612 mm), many professional features and an on-board LED light (300 lx at 1m).  The Panasonic AG-AC30 has 3 manual rings of focus, zoom and iris, together with dual XLR inputs with phantom power and dual SD card slots. Other professional features include focus assist functions of expand, peaking and area mode.

The dual SD card slots enables you to either extend your recording time over several hours or record simultaneously to give a back up recording. The Panasonic AG-AC30 will record Mp4, MOV 1080 50p up to 50mbs or AVCHD 1080 50p at 25mps. Weighing in at only 1.6Kg with the battery, makes the Panasonic AG-AC30 perfect for handheld operation. Coupled with an optical image stabilization system (Hyrid O.I.S and five-axis correction) giving you rock solid handheld shots. Setting up a user button gives easy access to super slow motion mode at 100 fps, for capturing that fast moving action. The 1/3.1” BSI sensor enables the Panasonic AG-AC30 to work well in low light conditions, and coupled with the on-board LED light can shoot in situations where other camcorders might struggle. The LED light comes with two filters: a diffuser and a colour converter, adapting to colour temperature. The Panasonic AG-AC30 comes with a pull out LCD screen has touch operation from which you can set the menus. It also rotates for easy high or low-angled shots and self-interview shooting.

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