Forthcoming book aims to help gospel artists succeed

Roy Francis, a leading figure in the UK gospel scene, is putting the finishing touches to How To Make Gospel Music Work For You – his first ever book.

Scheduled to be published in 2019, the book will contain useful tips and advice on how UK gospel artists can build a successful music ministry and provide a history of gospel music in Britain and America.

Roy decided to write the book after hearing gospel artists share their frustrations in trying to make headway with their music.

A gospel veteran, Roy has many years’ experience working in the UK gospel scene. In his youth, he was a celebrated keyboardist, and was a teacher working as a TV producer, firstly on groundbreaking gospel music television series ‘People Get Ready’ on Channel 4 in the 1980s, and then on BBC’s ‘Songs of Praise’. He also directed the successful and multi-million selling ‘Donnie McClurkin Live in London’ recording and DVD. He has worked as an agent, promoter and consulter.

He believes it is possible for UK artists to have successful music ministries. He told Keep The Faith: “Any artist desirous to have a successful gospel music ministry has to be intentional and strategic about it. How To Make Gospel Music Work For You gives the reader insights they need to develop a winning strategy. I trust people will find it useful when published.”

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