Ian Copeland Green by Marlene Cato

Ian Copeland Green is about to drop a cracking, eclectic, refreshing third album, ‘I Still Believe’. The album is a tremendous follow-up to his first album, ‘Believer’, and his second album, ‘Believer 2’.

The multi-talented producer, musician, singer and songwriter has worked with top artists, including Michael Jackson, Jennifer Lopez, Lurine Cato, Pharrell Williams, Matrix 2, Noel Robinson, Madonna, Justin Timberlake, Fiona Yorke and many more. The album has anthems, like the title track ’I Still Believe‘ and ‘Shout’. However, the highlights are the great collaboration tracks.

Prior to the album release, Green will be releasing a single track off the album called, ‘Stand Up’, with award-winning Noel Robinson. A funky-soul anthem, inspired by the sounds of the group, Earth, Wind & Fire, that will make you literally stand up, dance and sing. I can literally see the radio light up with this track. ‘Stand Up’ will take you through all those Christmas and New Year events, and straight through to the summer of 2019! Needless to say, I predict it will be a hit.

There is a surprising, beautiful and serene, stripped-back duet, ‘Have Your Way’, with the soulful, Jason Nicholson Porter (ITV’s The Voice UK). Just listen to those heavenly harmonies!

The revamped ‘God is Able’ was the first to be released off the album, reaching Number 1 on AStepFwd UK Christian Charts. This time, the track has the inclusion of Kenny Thomas and Green’s daughter, Yasmin. The track showcases her amazing vocal range; she is certainly one to watch! ‘God is Able’ is most remembered when multi award-winning artist and friend, Lurine Cato, and Green sang it live at the historic open-air memorial service for the victims of the Grenfell Tower Fire disaster. An unplugged acoustic version also reached Number 5 in the UK Christian charts. This song has so much meaning for Green, as he wrote it through a time of serious challenging issues.

’God is Able’ came about from a time in my life when I was facing some serious health, financial and relationship issues. I simply sat at my piano to commune with God and then, 15 minutes later, the whole song was written,” states Green. “In times of darkness, fear and pain, God is able to make a way.”

The album includes another hit, a reggae-infused upbeat track, ‘Better Than Good’, featuring Gymma which was released as a single in October 2017. It reached Number 1 on UK’s AStepFwd charts, and won Best UK Male Solo Video and Best RnB/Soul Video at the JUMP Video Awards 2017.

Whilst Ian Copeland Green is recognised as a musical genius and producer, who is in much demand, he also has a true heart for God, particularly, as he has been brought back from life-threatening illnesses. When you listen to ‘I’m Healed’, featuring Myracle Holloway, you will feel the poignancy of the words, with music reminiscent of Andraé Crouch & The Disciples.

With stunning lyrics throughout the album, including tracks and unexpected gems, such as ‘Us’ and ‘Speechless’, you can be sure this album will ‘render you speechless’ for all the right reasons.

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