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Marian Adejokun, founder of youth organisation ReachOut2All and positive fashion brand B-Royal Clothing is making it her goal to inspire, empower and transform the lives of youths.

Marian founded  ReachOut2All to help improve the lives of youths from various backgrounds, cultures and ethnicities ; including those who are disabled, teen-parents, females and males. She stated:

“Engaging the youths is key. Therefore, we’ve developed several strategies to keep them focused, interested and occupied. From observation, it’s evident that our youths are lost in this huge world. Seeking recognition and a sense of belonging has led many to join gangs. The devastating result is knife crimes, gun crimes, abuse, anxiety, mental health issues, drugs and more. Consequently, they get caught up in an endless cycle of violence, stabbing and shooting each other as a way of expressing themselves, which is devastating. They are crying out for help. At the end of the day, our youths feel hopeless and believe there’s nothing to live for.”

The most recent ReachOut2All Youth Event was held on the 17th of November at The Ashburton Park Hall in Croydon, and was held in line with the launch of The B-Royal Clothing Brand.  “B-Royal: Believe in Yourself and Follow Your Dreams”. The message behind it is “We should identify ourselves as Kings & Queens” and feel positive vibes when wearing B-Royal.

The events are designed to be all  about “Giving Youths a voice through their talents” which could be dancing, singing, poetry, inspirational stories and other creative activities.

It’s all about reaching out to those that desperately need help the most. Using their natural talents and gifts will enable them to become free from depression, low-self-esteem and mental health and  giving youths an opportunity to see that there is always a way out and a helping hand is there on offer for them.

ReachOut2All Youth event consisted of young people from the ages of 11 to 30-year-olds. Many of these young people raised their questions and concerns to the panel.

Youth Panel Discussion Questions included:

These questions are based on Giving Youths a Voice through their talents
1. To all of you in respect of your position how can our youths get involved?
2. How can your organisation be of help to youths?
3. How can youths get more involved in their community?
4. How can youth crimes and all form of violence decrease?
5. Our youths are crying out for help through the way they express themselves. How can the Youths have hope in the system and authority again?
6. How can we invest in our youths?

This was NOT an Ordinary Youth Panel, but rather an Extra-ordinary Panel which consisted of young people from different walks of life to senior organisations on the youth panel discussion focusing on “Giving Youths a Voice through their talents”.

The panel included Chief Superintendent Jeff Boothe the Metropolitan Police’s Croydon Borough Commander; Shea Williams who is Croydon’s Young Deputy Mayor; Heavenleigh represented the Croydon Young Mayor on the Youth Panel Discussion…she is a young leader alleviating gang crime, Andrew Brown CEO of Croydon BME Forum; Reiss McCarthy, Kay Oldroyd founder of BYA & S.O.S (Stories of Success); Jordan YV an artist and speaker; Queenie a youth activist and Abbianca Makoni a junior journalist.

Councillor Bernadette Khan spoke to the young people and gave them valuable words of encouragement, stating:

“Reach for your dreams, nothing is impossible. That’s my philosophy from where I come from. If you have that approach you will succeed”.

The event highlighted key issues  about youth violence; parents and young people; local authorities and young people; government and young people; all of which are areas young people find challenging to deal with on their own.

This event gave them “A Voice” to be heard. Most importantly, for necessary Action to be taken with the right approach and support in place for our young people.

More key areas emerged from the youth panel discussion, including: –

• Youth centres (Reduce youth violence and knife crime)
• More youth events (Positive energy and role models)
• Youth council (support because youths relate to youths)
• Open forum for youths (Reduce mental health issues, drugs, etc.)
• More work experience opportunities for young people
• Gaining trust with the police and working together in unity to make young people’s lives better.

In addition to this, the Reachout2all Youth Event had various guest performers and guest speakers.

Hosted by Premier Gospel Radio presenter, Theo Manderson, guests included; Pastor Samuel Brobbey (Founder of Higher Life International Christian Church); Hope UK Organisation, who equip young people to make drug free choices; Paula Perry- Personal Financial Expert (Founder of You4us_uk); Shaniqua Benjamin-Poetry (Founder of YoungPeopleInsight) and Feed’Em Gospel Rap Artist.

Reachout2all plan to host another youth event, taking on-board the feedback of  young people and with the hope of making an impact that is lasting as well as life changing.

ReachOut2All also aims to team up and partner with other youth organisations who are aware of the areas the youths need support with the most. This could be mental health services, youth violence, ex-gang members or other essential services to support them by giving 1:1 support and advice. They will work with experienced and qualified professionals.

These services are available through the ReachOut2All portal (youth organisations page). Aiming to to develop their life skills and reinforce a positive outlook on life. The youths will also receive media coverage from various platforms and promotions. This will empower them as they gain recognition for their talents and give the youths a voice to change the lives of others.

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