Ghana university removes ‘racist’ Gandhi statue

A controversial statue of Mahatma Gandhi, the famed Indian independence leader, has been removed from a university campus in Ghana’s capital, Accra.

Students and lecturers told the AFP news agency it had been removed from the Legon campus of the University of Ghana overnight on Tuesday.

The statue was unveiled by India’s former President Prana Mukherjee in 2016 to celebrate to strong ties between the two countries.

The university’s professors launched a petition calling for its removal soon after the unveiling, saying Gandhi was “racist” and that the university should put African heroes “first and foremost”.

In the wake of the row, Ghana’s government at the time had said the statue would be relocated.

A journalist has tweeted photos of the plinth before and after its removal:

Students welcomed the statue’s removal.

Benjamin Mensah told AFP:

“It’s a massive win for all Ghanaians because it was constantly reminding us of how inferior we are.”

Though Gandhi is known for his non-violent resistance to British rule, his comments on Africa and black people have been more controversial.

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First Published 13.12.18:

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