Brand New Debut EP By Feed’Em

Murder The Flesh is the debut EP by British Hip-Hop / Grime artist Feed’Em. Shortened to MTF “Murder the Flesh” is a deeper metaphor for internal turmoil. The 7-track EP is a narrative on the challenges people face and how they can overcome them. With songs such as “NBD” (Never Back Down) and “No Way” Feed’Em delves into his faith and life experiences to encourage listeners to stand tall.

The overall sound of the EP is lyrical and hard-hitting, which leads you to a soothing and introspective ending in the form of “Casting Crownz”. There are songs you can chill to, get hyper to, work out to, and some lyrically intriguing music to add to your playlist.

The tracks are produced by various producers from different parts of the world. Each song is strong on its own and works well by large in the selection of songs. “Murder the Flesh Part. 2” and “That’s where I be at” produced by Creep N00m has that classic Grime sound. “JCOE” produced by Warship Music has a similar sound to Migos, as well as UK Drill influenced “Outro” produced by Manul and Energyman. Whether you are a sophisticated Hip Hop and Grime fan or an easy listener there’s something you can enjoy about this EP.

MTF was solely released on Feed’Em’s artist website, reaching 1.5K streams in the first week. It was soon picked up by regional radio stations and online publication such as Westside Radio, Pulse88 Radio, Rapzilla, AstepFWD, KCMIX, and Cross Rhythms. The EP is now widely available for streaming and downloads across all digital music stores including Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, Amazon Music and iTunes.

You can download and stream Murder the Flesh by Feed’Em on all digital music stores and on his website:

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