South African school denies being racist

A board member of a school in South Africa caught in the middle of a race row – after a picture of white and black children sitting at separate desks was shared online – has said the institution is not racist.

“There’s definitely no racism in this school,”

Oloff van Niekerk said about the school in Schweizer-Reneke, state broadcaster SABC reports. 

A teacher was suspended after complaints about the picture. A black parent told Timeslive that she thought her child’s first day at school had got off to a good start until she saw the image.

“This was meant to be an exciting day for me, but it’s not,”

she is quoted as saying.

Local authorities say they “highly condemn” the incident and have removed the teacher “pending investigation”.

Sello Lehare, the education minister for the North West province, said the school’s explanation was that “the learners were separated according to those who could understand Afrikaans and English”.

The school was forced to close on Thursday after protesters gathered outside the compound.

White parents, some armed with guns, said the black parents should remove their children from the predominantly white school if they were not happy with it, Soweto Live reports. 

Racism is still deeply embedded in South Africa nearly 25 years after white-minority rule ended.

First Published 11.01.19:

2 thoughts on “South African school denies being racist

  • 12th January 2019 at 1:14 pm

    Utter Rubbish.

    The children were rotated. Photos showing this, shows black and white kids together. Clearly one photo ONLY was circulated to push a certain narrative. And the race obsessed fell for this nonsense. So predictable.

    Photo here.

    As “Christians” i would be very careful, what you share from main stream media, who’s motive is NOT Christianity values, but lies, half truths to push anti-Christian Marxism.

  • 13th January 2019 at 6:11 am

    You need to post the other photographs of the same day in the same classroom when the children were integrated and mixed. You need to do balanced reporting. The children were rotated. It was their first day at school. When it was time for their lunch boxes, the little black children chose to sit together. Wouldn’t you do the same? It was their first week at school. Stop perpetuating hate and division. There are 36,000 schools in South Africa. The other 35,999 are doing the best they can and you focus on one that makes a silly mistake by not playing the PR game for the sake of pleasing an irresponsible media.


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