Kenyan police face trial for British aristocrat’s murder

The trial has begun in Kenya of four policemen charged with the murder of a British aristocrat, Alexander Monson.

He was arrested in 2012 for possession of cannabis in the coastal town of Diani and died in custody.

Police said he had died of a drug overdose.

But his family insisted police beatings caused his death, prompting a judicial inquest.

Last year a judge ruled he died of injuries to his head.

Now four policemen, one of whom has since retired, are facing trial for his murder.

It’s a case that could take months, perhaps years, to conclude.

Mr Monson was the son of the 12th Baron Lord Nicholas Monson and Hillary Monson.

An heir to the family estate in Lincolnshire in UK, the family moved to Kenya in 2008 and settled in Diani where they had established a home and a business.

First Published 23.01.19:

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