Livability launches new resource for churches

Disability charity Livability have launched a free new resource designed to support churches build a community approach to support wellbeing and positive mental health.

Called ‘Together for Good’ the resource provides Bible Studies and group exercises that churches can use to explore themes of happiness,meaning and well being. It’s written and produced with well being expert Dr Andy Parnham and Corin Pilling.

Well being is the basis for good mental health. It is the learning and practices that help people thrive.

Corin Pilling – Assistant Director for Community Engagement at Livability said:

At Livability, we are passionate about resourcing churches in the vital part they can play in supporting people to live well.  All churches are places where people give and serve whilst juggling the pressures of life. It’s vital we take regular time to reflect on our approach if we expect to flourish.

That’s why we’ve launched Together for Good. It’s a five week course to help churches grow a community approach to well being and happiness. The material explores how our individual choices and life together can impact our well being. Together for Good offers a fresh perspective on Jesus’ offer of life in all its fullness- resulting in a more resilient and joyful community life.

How to grow wellbeing– in your church community

Together for Good is a Bible study course designed to resource churches to take a community approach to well being. The course combines bible studies with contemporary research and is designed with lent study groups in mind.

Why do the course? Growing supportive communities

  • When people are part of a supportive community, with good connections, their wellbeing can thrive.
  •  Using contemporary models of well being together with theological content, the course explores how our attitudes and actions impact our well being.
  • The course helps churches grow a shared approach to well being and happiness,helping us to look at the choices we can make to help build stronger connections that can benefit us all.

What does the course cover?

  • Together for Good is a course which explores 5 key topics: Abundant Life, Keys to Success, Richer Relationships, Creating Community and Finding Meaning.
  • The title comes from Romans 8:28: ‘And we know that in all things God works together with those who love him to bring about what is good’ (NIV). The picture of life we’re offered in the Bible shows us that our well being is tied into that of others too.

How does the course work?

The studies can be used alone or in groups, offering a chance to discuss and prayerfully reflect on what’s most important in life. The course helps each church take a fresh step to become the community that God is calling it to be.

Growing Happiness – take the next step

The content of the new series is inspired by Livability’s Happiness Course, which every year helps 100s of churches build new connections in their neighbourhoods. The Happiness Course trains leaders to open up a conversation to the whole community, exploring how we can all build lives that grow our well being, through meaning and connection.Doing ‘Together for Good’ is a helpful precursor to people considering doing The Happiness Course.

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