The Doxa Project

The journey of The Doxa Project started ten years ago when I felt led to go to Kenya. I had no idea why, but I sensed God calling me to work there.  Through a friend, I was introduced to the community of Kwa Murugi in Nakuru, Kenya, and from the moment I stepped foot in the community I knew this was the reason I had come to Kenya.

In 2012 we officially set up the charity with the aim to break the cycle of poverty that surrounds the people of Kwa Murugi, through education. For many years this involved a sponsorship scheme where we worked closely with one school,giving children an education who otherwise would be sitting around from dawn until dusk.

The last two years has seen the greatest change in our work as we seek to best serve the community of Kwa Murugi. Whilst there is still a large focus on education, we have become far more community focused, working with the whole family, rather than just sponsoring the children. We have a small office in the middle of the community where people come all day, everyday,  for various means of support.

We give food to 35 families each week; we run computer classes for our sponsored children; we work with women in the community who are HIV positive; we make washable sanitary pads to help meet the needs of women in the community who don’t have access to sanitary products. Last year, we purchased 130 water filters to bring clean water to families within our community. We also invested in 100 pairs of Shoes That Grow, giving many children a pair of shoes that will last longer than one size. We are constantly coming across families who have so little and are in desperate need for help and we do our best to meet those needs where possible.

As an organisation, our aim is not just to meet needs, but to be able to develop lives and motivate those within our community to something more than what their current circumstances dictate. We have helped a number of women set up small businesses that we hope will give them the opportunity to provide for themselves. At the end of 2018, we purchased a small plot of land 15 minutes away from Kwa Murugi.

Currently we are growing numerous vegetables to better the diet of our families and we have 40 chickens that we will use to provide eggs for our community and a small source of income. Our hope is to be able to purchase some more land in the same location and develop a training centre to bridge the gap between school and the workplace.  We will build a computer classroom, a workshop,and have space to run various holiday clubs when our sponsored children are not in school.

Our journey of the last 10 years has seen us simply do our best to serve the people of Kwa Murugi like we believe Jesus would do, to bring hope into their situations and help break the cycle of poverty. We have a great team on the ground in Kenya who we partner with which makes this work possible.

On Thursdays, we see our small office overflowing with people as we have a weekly gathering to share the love and hope of Jesus, the very foundation of all our work in Kwa Murugi.

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