Gospel Humor – Medicine for laughter

Gospel Humor is a pocket-size companion book that contains numerous Christian cartoons written and drawn by award winning cartoonist TAYO Fatunla. It was launched at the Hilton JFK Airport Hotel in New York. The launch was spearheaded by Dr Festus Adeyeye, Senior Pastor at the Brooklyn, New York-based ALCC Winners’ House Church.

The colourful event was graced by numerous dignitaries, including Pastors, Church Ministers, friends and well-wishers.

TAYO noted that his aim is “to propagate the Gospel through his cartoons.” The book, which is published by The World Media/News/Publishing,provides interesting and rib cracking highlights of the Christian life through cartoons in 112 pages.

It was back in 2007 that the pocket-sized cartoons started appearing on the front pages of Light of The World Newspaper, a Christian publication distributed widely in Jamaica and New York. The cartoons have also been featured in several issues  of KEEP THE FAITH magazine in the UK. 

GOSPEL HUMOR revisits some of the already published cartoons as well as new ones. In his foreword, US based Publisher Pastor Julius Ogunnaya, says:

“Our world is filled with so many different, challenging situations and circumstances that the word of God,filled with humour and laughter, is a required remedy.”

 At the launch of GH,Christian stand-up comedian J. Femi Korede known as JFK, took to the stage and thrilled guests with his rib-cracking humour. Guests were also treated to great music and speeches delivered by TAYO the cartoonist himself and his publisher. TAYO noted that his publisher had encouraged him to compile his cartoons and surely GOSPEL HUMOR was born and launched.

The book gives an insight into Church life, Christian lifestyle, characters, gospel messages, as well as numerous cartoons that glorify the Lord and it also provides biblical education and spiritual edification.

 This paperback is made up of cartoons and one humorous text-page, along with a foreword. These are humorous cartoons with a Christian context, some more humorous than others, as is always the case. The cartoons are not “preachy”, but mainly based on or around a Christian message. It is infused with American and British culture.Many of the cartoons poke fun at fellow Christians who are behaving more or less off-message, rather than at non-Christians, and while you don’t necessarily need to know your Bible to understand the jokes, you probably need to understand the particular church culture that the cartoonist is addressing to get the full entertainment value, though other Protestant denominations will undoubtedly recognise some of their fellows here. With the world being what it is, there is no doubt that a little smile or laughter goes a long way in providing healing and emotional fortitude.

 TAYO is an award winning cartoonist and yet again recipient of another award, the Baptist Academy Old Students Association (BAOSA) Award for professional excellence (BAPE), an award presented to him by his Alma Mater, the oldest Missionary school in Nigeria, Lagos Baptist Academy where he had secondary education and began drawing cartoons.

A copy of GOSPEL HUMOUR goes for £10.00 plus a shipping and handling fee of £3.99 – Contact TAYO Fatunlatfatunla@hotmail.com Tel: 07802970511

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