UK Gospel singer/Songwriter release her much anticipated Single

Claire B.Donzet is an anointed songstress and worship leader, her music is prophetic and inspirational. Having made her mark with “You are” and “I am your child” she is back with her very anticipated single “No man shall stand”. Performed at a various events by popular demand this soulful pop fusion has all the right ingredient, and melodies, with a powerful message.

Inspired by Joshua 1:5, this song encourages listeners to trust in God’s word and it reassures His faithfulness in their journey. This song is part of a larger collection of work ‘Journey to Destiny’ which is a project of prosthetic songs. “I receive the songs usually when i am asleep or worshiping. There are like a download from heaven into my soul” said Claire B. Donzet. She is currently working her debut EP ‘Journey to Destiny’ which comes out later this year.

“I want listeners to have reassurance in God’s word. There are verses in the Bible that are key and if you stand by them you can go through anything. The song is about being fearless, strength, and faith” Claire B.Donzet

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