Want to make London greener?

Planting trees in urban areas are amazing not only for the environment but have so many benefits:

  • Trees provide clean air, one mature leafy tree can produce enough oxygen to allow 10 people to breathe.
  • Good for our mental health as trees help to lower our stress hormone and reduce symptoms of anxiety and stress. 
  • They clean our air not just carbon dioxide but a range of pollutants and toxins.

If you want to make London greener and the air cleaner and you are a London organisation and want to bring people of different backgrounds together, we invite you to plant a tree in your local London Borough.
Faiths Forum for London, in partnership with the Mayor of London, is delivering the Interfaith Tree Planting.

Trees have different meanings to different people from different faiths and none. What makes #LondonUnited is that no matter what your faith, no matter what you believe, nature is one, and London is one. 

We would like to commit to planting 60 trees across 20 London boroughs between now and the end of March 2019. To make London healthier greener and united.

If you run a London organisation that is willing to plant a tree in the name of interfaith or would like more information please email: feza@faithsforum4london.org

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