God and I: Our Conversations by Neelam Challoner

A true and inspiring journey of faith,that will make every believer want to hear the voice of God.God and I: Our Conversations by Neelam Challoner

British Asian, Neelam Challoner shares her true story and journey as a Hindu who found faith in Jesus Christ, and how this relationship and His voice has carried her through tragedies and triumphs. Through this colourful book, she shares her conversations with God and her heart with the world. Includes powerful illustrations depicting chapters in her life that readers can relate to building faith and giving hope in trials.

Why this book?

Extractfrom the book:
“What do you want me to do?” This is a question I ask God on a regular basis.It could be prompted by a particular situation or time, or simply a request forguidance. I was working out on my cross trainer one morning, and in my heart Iwas asking God this question. That was when the inspiration for this book cameto me. I felt compelled to share how God has been so important, relevant andevident in my life. I heard an answer – a voice – rise up from within, “Writeand testify what I have done – share this with others.” Somehow, I knew,without a shadow of doubt, this was to become God and I: Our Conversations.

Neelam Challoner grew up a Hindu, devoted to her religion, seeking to know God through this path but she did not realise her search would lead her to have a supernatural encounter with God Himself at a local Asian church! When she discovered Him in an unexpected way, He became real; her personal experiences shared with the world in this book are common problems and issues we face in life, from debt, to loss, to meeting the one and simply inner turmoil. Her quest has led her to find purpose and peace in all things as her relationship with Jesus deepened and faith strengthened.

In this book,Neelam shares how she heard that ‘still small voice’ for the first time and how it led her to meet ‘the one’ and then later marry him. She shares how the voice of God spoke when life was slipping away and how prayer has been a powerful force in her life.  Written in short chapters, this story tells of key points across Neelam’s life. Her hope and message is that we all know Him intimately and hear His voice, because He is speaking.

God and I: Our Conversations from Apostolos Christian Publishing, is now on general sale. Copies can be ordered directly from the publisher: http://www.apostolos-publishing.com/

ISBN: 978-1-912120-46-8(Hardback, 80 pages RRP £12.99)ISBN: 978-1-912120-12-3 (ebook –RRP £7.99)

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