Anthony Faulkner, Sharing the Gospel all over the World

Anthony Faulkner is an award winning international urban inspirational artist.  A resident of Houston, Texas, this singer-songwriter, actor, director and producer is a steadfast international philanthropist and no stranger to success. 

Faulkner studied voice and musical theatre at the Alexander Hamilton Academy of Music in Los Angeles, CA, and has impressive credits to his artistry, as well as on projects by Yolanda Adams, James Fortune, Kambua, Juliani and Clifton Davis.   

He attributes a large part of this success to his experiences in London.  “London has been an epicentre of success for me over the years.  My first visit to London was due to a 24-hour stopover, en route to Johannesburg, South Africa.  I was travelling to be the special guest for five sold-out shows with Joyous Celebration.  During the stopover, I had the opportunity to record several TV segments with Revelation TV to promote my Number 1 Yahoo LAUNCHcast hit, ‘Stop Searching’.” 

Anthony also recalls: “During my next visit, I had an opportunity to be interviewed by both TV4LIFE magazine and Premier Gospel Radio with Selene Jordan, as my song ‘You Are Amazing’ was the track of the week.  As more doors began to open, I had the pleasure to meet and interview with Shoggy Tosh of Salt FM, where my songs had reached Number 1 on the radio countdowns.  I then welcomed the opportunity to interview with ABN Radio.”  

In October 2018, Anthony returned to London to attend the Praisetek Gospel Music Awards, where he was presented with the coveted International Legacy Award.  God’s favour continued to shine, as he later had the opportunity to appear on CBN’s hit international programme, Turning Point, featuring TV and radio host, Muyiwa Olarewaju. 

Anthony’s ministry is to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  This passion and calling have opened doors for him to minister in London an astonishing six times. Anthony has used this platform to shine a light in every church, stage and venue that has welcomed him to minister.   

Shoggy Tosh & Anthony. 

“God has really blessed me,” says Anthony.  “When travelling abroad, I feel energised to share the Good News through song and ministry.  I never take for granted that I am an example, and my mission is to inspire and bring about positive change.  It’s exciting to know that what God has put in me creatively, is making its way on to sound recordings for the world to hear.” 

The message in Anthony’s music simply glorifies God with melodies that draw you into worship. “There is something special when I am in my quiet space and the Lord moves me to create a new song,” says Anthony.  “Each song has the ability to pull on your heartstrings.  

“The ability to arrange and produce allows me an advantage, at times, to hear exactly how words should be enunciated.  The tempo and chords also set the tone for worship versus a praise song.  These songs come from the heart, and I am grateful to be able to sit down to sort out the chords. 

“My inspiration to write music comes from my life experiences.  I have encountered many obstacles over the years that have allowed my faith to grow in God.  I believe that serving is a key component to growing and evolving in life.  I’ve been blessed to travel to six of the seven world continents, and each experience has shown me how amazing God is.”  

Anthony draws inspiration from life’s impediments.

“My music shares the journey through my personal and professional life.  The lyrical content has a deeper meaning that describes the road map I used to navigate through some very challenging seasons.  I have learned there is no perfect person so, with all the competition in the industry, my focus has evolved over time to concentrate on the message and the core intent of my musical composition.  My goal to give my best musical experience that will take the listener on a journey.”  

Turning Point with Muyiwa Olarewaju

Outside of his faith and music, nothing touches Anthony’s heart more than the smile of a child and his passion for education.  During his visit to Uganda, he was blessed with an opportunity to visit the Sanyu Babies’ Home and Agapé House Children’s Ministries (an orphanage).  This experience touched his heart so much that he wanted to be a blessing and provide much needed support to each organisation.  Through love and financial contributions, he has established a strong relationship with each of these facilities. 

“Seeing the children’s smiles at the orphanages is an inspiration to me.  As they inspire me, I encourage them to always look beyond their circumstances and believe because, with faith, you can accomplish and overcome anything.” 

This belief – and his overall outlook on life – is what Anthony attributes to his philanthropic efforts.  As a result, he currently sponsors a student attending Moi University in Kenya, for education is the key to success.  

As the world continues to grow, Anthony believes that the youth of today will change the future for tomorrow.  He intends to continue his efforts to sow into the lives of the youth around the world, as he continues with his music and ministry. 

“There are so many uncertain paths in life, and there are so many decisions that will affect the outcome.  On this journey, there are no guarantees, but only the inspiration that comes from the Creator up above.  When trials and tribulations come, I know that as long as I am focused on the love, grace and mercy of God, He will bless me with the time and energy needed to inspire others. What I know for sure is that, as long as I give all praises to God, He will continue to allow me to navigate through life with a positive outlook.” 

Red Revolution (Pty) Ltd, the leading distributor of Christian Music in Africa, will be releasing Anthony Faulkner’s ‘Guardian Angel – Africa Edition’, featuring new collaborations and bonus features unique to Africa for worldwide distribution. 

Written By: Benjamin Harrell

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