Church in mourning after passing of much loved member

The Church of God of Prophecy is in mourning, following the recent passing of Olive Powell, the wife of former National Overseer, Wilton Powell.  She had been ill for some time, nevertheless her death came unexpectedly.  

Sis Olive – as she was affectionately known – was a popular and much loved member of the church, and was regarded as a loving, compassionate Christian. She was the second eldest of nine children and was born in St Ann, Jamaica in 1949. Sis Olive came to Britain to join her parents when she 15. She lived in Birmingham and trained as a nurse. She enjoyed a long nursing career, and worked in numerous departments. By the time she retired, she had served as a Senior Nursing Sister at City Hospital in Birmingham.   

She became a Christian as a young woman, and got married to Bishop Powell in 1972. They have two daughters, Davina and Mariella. Sis Olive provided loving support to her husband in his role – firstly as a pastor, and then during his tenure as head of the Church of God of Prophecy UK. 

Although Sis Olive did not have an official role, she was seen as the ‘First Lady’ of COGOP, and gave great support to Joyce Fletcher, who served as Head of COGOP’s Women’s Department.  Sis Olive regularly addressed COGOP Women’s events.   

In tribute to her mother, Davina, the eldest daughter of Bishop Wilton and Olive Powell, told Keep The Faith

“My mum was a consistent person. What people saw when she was out and about, we as her daughters experienced the same. She was very compassionate and generous, and always found a way to help and support people, and that’s what we’re hearing from people now. People who I don’t even know are coming to the house or are calling and saying that our mum said a kind word, or helped support them through illness, or that she was very down to earth, approachable and willing to listen.” 

She added: 

“My mum was fiercely loyal, a loving, generous and kind person who was always looking for ways to support people.  She was funny and had a good sense of humour, loved the Lord, and really lived out her faith.” 

She is survived by her husband, two daughters, two grandchildren and numerous relatives. 

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