Nurses from Jamaica to receive training in the NHS

Nurses from Jamaica will be able to come to the UK to train in critical care in NHS hospitals before returning to work in Jamaican hospitals.

Nurses in Jamaica will be offered work placements in NHS hospitals as part of a nursing exchange scheme, the details of which have been announced by the Immigration Minister today (Thursday 7 March).

The scheme, which is initially planned to last for 2 years, will enable 20 nurses to come to the UK to work at the Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust for 5 months, after completing 7 months initial training in Jamaica.

Immigration Minister Caroline Nokes said:

“The Jamaican nurse exchange scheme is a fantastic opportunity for future collaboration between the UK and Jamaica.

This scheme will bring skilled Jamaican nurses to the UK to learn from the NHS, and give UK NHS staff the opportunity to learn from them.

“I have always been clear that the UK is open to skilled individuals, including those who want to enhance their skills and share their experiences with UK workers.”

Health Minister Stephen Hammond said:

“The NHS is admired and respected all around the globe so it comes as no surprise that other countries want to learn from the world-leading expertise and skill of our dedicated nurses.

“NHS staff can also benefit from this exchange of experience and skills as they work hand-in-hand with their Jamaican counterparts to deliver compassionate care to patients.

“Today marks an exciting step forward for our nursing partnership with Jamaica and we look forward to warmly welcoming these skilled Jamaican nurses to the UK later this year.”

The details of the scheme, which was initially announced in April 2018 by the Department of Health and Social Care, have been determined following extensive work with the Jamaican Government who have advised on the format of the scheme to ensure it’s as beneficial as possible for the nurses.

The nurses will come to the UK on a Tier 5 (Government Authorised Exchange) (GAE) visa. They will be paid a salary and given accommodation while working in the UK.

UK NHS staff will also gain new skills from the scheme by learning from their Jamaican counterparts.

Home Office news release

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