World Book Day: Black fairy tale set in mythical Africa

Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, Goldilocks and Rapunzel may come to mind when talking of fairy tales. But BBC Newsday colleague Gairey Collins wants to change that.

He’s written Ras Punzela, a fairy tale with black heroes – a retelling of the German folktale Rapunzel.

In that tale a witch entraps a young woman in a tower that can only be accessed by her letting down her long hair through a window. Gairey’s story involves long-haired Rastas.

It’s also for fathers and sons – another area where he feels there is a lack of representation when it comes to fables.

As it is World Book Day in the UK, BBC Newsday got Garey to read an excerpt from the book and to chat about it with fellow colleague David Whitty:

You can listen to the story HERE

First Published 07.03.19:

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