Black British feminist creates one of kind children’s ABC book #IWD

Gender and racial stereotypes have an influence on all of us, including how we behave, and how we relate to each other. With a reported inadequate 1% of children’s book featuring lead characters from BAME background, it is never too early for children to see positive examples of diverse women from all walks of life who are authentic and true to themselves.

From Anna Wintour to Zadie Smith the ABC of inspiring women around the world’ is a children’s book that aims to encourage the next generation to learn the alphabet and about diverse women trailblazers around the globe.

This creative children’s book features inspiring quotes and beautiful illustration of powerhouse women like Zadie Smith, Princess Di, Beyoncé, Oprah, Michelle Obama and Serena Williams and many more.

In addition to the popular names it also features the late talented Khadija Saye, British Gambian photographer who sadly passed away in the Grenfell Tower fire. And Najlaa Sheekh, the peacebuilder and founder of charity Kareemat, based in Turkey that supports Syrian refugees by helping women find employment opportunities and dissuades young men in the region from taking up arms. 

Raimah Amevor, founder of Mindfully Kids, commented:

“This ABC children’s book is a simple but powerful way to show girls and boys, inspiring women from around the globe in different types of roles. This is important because gender and racial bias and socialisation in early childhood can have a long-term impact.  Studies have shown that children as young as 7 are negatively impacted by gender stereotypes.

Gender and racial bias experiences can shape children’s attitudes and beliefs in a potentially harmful way impacting their future relationships and psychological wellbeing. This book pays homage to inspirational women who are authentic and challenge perceptions for what it means to be a modern day woman.”

Gemma Britton, Head of Fundraising and Communications at Peace Direct said:

“The idea for this book is brilliant. As an organisation that supports local peacebuilders, Peace Direct finds that those working to end conflict in the most dangerous places in the world are often overlooked – and women even more so. Including Najlaa in this book recognises those we don’t normally hear about who work tirelessly to create lasting peace. Local peacebuilding is low-cost and sustainable, yet so often overlooked for financial support. That’s why we are so pleased a donation will be made to Kareemat for each book sold. ”

The founder of Mindfully Kids and Author of this inspirational and education children’s book, Raimah Amevor is a proud black British intersectional feminist who is on a mission to challenge stereotypes which are formed as early as 4 years old.

Merging her passion for child development and mental health (she is the founder of Therapeutic lifestyle a mental health website  aimed at raising awareness with African women) she has created Mindfully Kids brand which seeks to empower children around the world to be mindful and independent thinkers that look beyond stereotypes and limiting beliefs to embrace each other no matter the race or gender.  Positively inspiring the next generation, our children (future young leaders), to embrace and celebrate diverse and empowering women of this decade and beyond. 

Mindfully Kids has pledged to donate £1 for each book sold to the charity Kareemat, (founder featured under ‘n’) and will rotate with charities close to their mission.

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