A journey from Hip Hop – to Pastor- to inspirational writer…

Founding member of the London Rhyme Syndicate; Basil Reynolds, has recently written his journey entitled: Footprints in the Concrete. A story that will take you from the stage in packed venues to the foot of the cross. It focuses on life through the eighties with the backdrop of the emerging Hip Hop movement.

Having successfully developed and managed a range of projects for young artists, Basil has supported others towards achieving their career and personal targets.

Along with organising youth retreats, marches against violence and having pioneered a church; Basil hopes to use his own life experiences and knowledge to help motivate, develop and inspire new talent.

He told Keep The Faith:

“Through this journey I was able to discover my true identity in Christ and the liberating power that gives for me to be. The book can be used as a tool to inspire as well as a GPS for those growing up having to work their way through limiting beliefs.”

You can find out more about Basil and his inspirational book in the interview he had with Gospel2london:

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