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On Wednesday 3rd April 2019 Purity Talks™ Live: London will be having a Masterclass with Cherlene Wilson  – Purity Talks™ Founder, and Rev. Clifford J. Clark – Sex Addiction Therapist and Marriage Counsellor from Detroit, Michigan. 

Cherlene Wilson – Personality Specialist and Success Coach will be teaching guests how to identify their personality type and understand how their personalities may inform their decisions and struggles around sexual purity. She will also be teaching what components are needed to create an effective purity plan that works from over 11 years of living an abstinent lifestyle.

Rev. Clifford J. Clark will be teaching from a psychological and Christian perspective on porn and Porn Induced Erectile Dysfunction (PIED), masturbation and unhealthy sexual behaviours in singleness and how that can impact marriage.

Cherlene lived some of her teenaged years in church. Being a Christian who had been exposed to sexuality and sexual abuse at a young age; she developed a hyperactive sexual appetite. Living in tension of being single, enjoying sexual connection but loving God, she lived hiding her activity and conflicted.  Cherlene found that there were very few people she could open up to and be totally transparent with who could help.

Cherlene has created what she didn’t have as a teenager.

“Any time I heard messages on sex it was always laced with fear, shame and judgment. What I needed was grace, understanding, open conversations and practical solutions, preferably from someone who was single and victorious. What was needed, was to know that in spite of poor choices, God still outrageously loved me, wasn’t ashamed of me and was still close. I believe that if I had heard testimonies of what God was doing or could do, it would have given me faith and hope that change was possible, a lot sooner. Purity Talks™ was created to be that for people and teach a healthy perspective on sex, managing sex drives and living in freedom.”

Purity Talks™ was launched in 2016 with a podcast that is now in it’s second season, followed shortly by Live events where a panel of individuals who are single, dating, married who share candidly about their journeys and findings from their field of expertise. Purity Talks™ Soirée’s was launched in 2019 where Cherlene visits small groups of women to teach them how to create their own purity plan with coaching in an intimate and personal environment.

Purity Talks™ Live: London  Masterclass will be held at Arc Church, 66a Serbert Road, Forest Gate, E7 0NJ. Doors open at 6pm, 6:30pm start. This event is for over 18’s, single, dating, courting or married. Early Bird tickets £15, General £20.

Get your tickets here.

To find out if we are coming to a city near you or book a Soirée, go to PurityTalks.com

Purity Talks™ serves as a platform to normalise the narrative of sex in the Christian community and the church through conversations and workshops.

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