Netflix and John Legend movie needs Norwich extras

Extras are being sought to appear in a Netflix movie being filmed in Norwich and produced by US singer John Legend.

Scenes for the Christmas musical, called Jingle Jangle and starring Oscar winner Forest Whitaker, will be filmed in historic Elm Hill in June.

Netflix held a meeting last week with local business owners, as first reported in the Eastern Daily Press.

People aged 16 and above are being asked along to a casting at Blackfriars Hall in the city on Saturday, 13 April.

Duncan McKeown, owner of The Games Room in Elm Hill, says the area will be transformed into a “winter wonderland”.

The cobbled street is due to be closed off for about five days at the start of June, with The Games Room converted into a Victorian-style newsagent’s.

Elm Hill
Elm Hill is due to be transformed into a “winter wonderland” during filming for the Netflix musical. Image Copyright: Geograph/John Sutton

“It’s exciting. Like all Christmas musicals, it’s going to be filmed in June and they will take over the street,”

said Mr McKeown.

“It’s a big budget film and there is going to be some chap going around with a snow blower.

“I don’t know much about who’s going to be filmed here as it’s early days.”

Mr McKeown, who, come October, will have run his shop for 40 years, said the building previously appeared on screen when it was turned into the Rat Catcher’s Boutique for Monty Python’s Flying Circus on BBC Television.

He says the “unique street” also featured in the 2006 Hollywood movie Stardust.

Netflix described the film as a “cobblestone world comes to life”, with Whitaker playing a belligerent inventor who gets a second chance when his granddaughter comes to stay for Christmas.

Anyone who wants to take part in the casting for paid extras must bring along proof of identity and avoid wearing all white clothing.

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First Published 04.04.19:

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