FBI called in to investigate fires at three black churches in Louisiana

The FBI has been called in to investigate fires at three African American churches in Louisiana over the past fortnight.

Police say that there is a “clear pattern’ linking the incidents in St Landry Parish, 63 miles east of the state capital, Baton Rouge.  

“We’re very cognisant that there’s a problem, and there’s no coincidence that there are three fires,”

said H. “Butch” Browning, Louisiana’s state fire marshal.  

The first fire took place on March 26, with two more taking place over the past week.

All the fires were started in the middle of the night when the churches were empty.  

The Mount Pleasant Baptist Church in Opelousas 
The Mount Pleasant Baptist Church in Opelousas, one of three Louisiana churches where authorities are investigating suspicious fires. Image Copyright: Reuters

Police are also investigating whether the incidents are linked to another fire at a predominantly black church in Caddo Parish, just under 200 miles north of St Landry.

Mr Browning said all three churches are now being treated as crime scenes.

“Investigating a fire is a very lengthy process,” he added. “It’s one of the most complicated and unconventional crime scenes you’ll ever enter because most of the evidence is burned away.”

Mr Browning declined to speculate on a motive for the fires.

“There certainly is a commonality, and whether that leads to a person or persons or groups, we just don’t know.”

Police have stepped up security at other churches nearby, increasing patrols in an attempt to provide reassurance to pastors and their congregations.

Sporadic attacks on black churches have taken place in southern states for decades.

In June 2015 Dylann Roof shot and killed nine people attending a bible study group at an African-American church in Charleston, South Carolina. He has since been sentenced to death.

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Written By:  David Millward

First Published 07.04.19:

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