New Government measures to update crematoria provisions

A package of measures to update crematoria to reflect the needs of different cultures and faiths in modern Britain has been announced today (Monday 8 April).

The announcement follows the review of crematoria provision and facilities, where the Government received around 150 responses from many faith and belief groups.

The plan will help make sure communities of all faiths have facilities that are fit for purpose and sensitive to their needs. This includes a consultation to revise national guidance on the siting and design of crematoria, and an offer of support to community groups interested in operating their own crematoria.

Faith Minister, Lord Bourne said:

“Cremations have become more and more common. This is why it is vital that there are high quality crematoria that respect cultural and religious traditions of all faiths and beliefs, and those of no faith.

“This package of measures will make sure that local authorities and providers offer the appropriate facilities that reflect the communities they serve.”

Cremations have become more and more common. In 2017 there were 467,748 cremations representing 77.05% of all deaths, with each crematorium having an average of 1,607 cremations in 2017.

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