Distribution of Food bank Real Easter Eggs begins

More than 700 Easter Eggs have been donated to food banks by churches from across the UK. The donation scheme, run by The Meaningful Chocolate Company, allows donors to purchase a discounted Real Easter Egg online for delivery to food banks, including Trussell Trust distribution centres. Distribution of the eggs began in early April.

David McDonald, manager of a Trussell foodbank which received some of the eggs, said:

“The Trussell Trust is a Christian organisation and at the most special time in the Christian calendar we are delighted to be able to carry the Easter message in such a tasty way to the people who need our help. Our visitors come from every walk of life and all faiths and none but everyone loves chocolate eggs.  One third of the food we give out is for children and we feel that it is important that struggling parents are able to give their youngsters a treat.”

To donate an egg to a food bank visit www.realeasteregg.co.uk The eggs can also be purchased in Tesco, Morrisons, Waitrose and ASDA.

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