J.Walker of (TLD) – Your Eyes

It’s often been said that your eyes are the gateway to your soul. They can reveal our emotions, intentions and often our state of mind. As in the case of Che Guevara, the look in our eyes may well be the lasting impression we leave on the world long after we’re gone.

The new single Your Eyes is the second single of 2018 from J.Walker of (TLD) after the track “Runaway” which generated 30,000 views in 3 months. The new song is produced with a Tropical House sound by J.Walker himself. The release date for the single is November 15th with an accompanying video being released on December 1st 2018.

The song focuses on the trust and betrayal that we often experience with those who are closest to us. Often the only way to discover truth is by looking a person in their eyes.

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