Stormzy: My Glastonbury doubters have ‘gone mad’

Stormzy says he’s ready to “show the world” exactly why he should be headlining Glastonbury.

He’s topping the Pyramid Stage line-up on the Friday night this year – but some fans have questioned whether, after just one album, he’s ready.

“I’m there because I’m a serious musician,” he told Dotty on the BBC Radio 1Xtra Breakfast Show.

As well as showing off his new track – Vossi Bop – he revealed that a new album is on the way too.

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“There were so many doubters being like, ‘Oh he hasn’t got no number one song’ or, ‘Oh he’s got one album out, he’s not ready’,”

he said.

“If you think you’re going to give me that Glastonbury 2019 headline slot and I’m not going to give you an incredible performance you’ve gone mad – you’ve gone crazy…

“I can’t wait and I love it.”

He might only have one album under his belt, but, by all accounts, it’s a good one.

His debut – Gang Signs & Prayer – not only topped the charts, but also won 2018’s Brit Award for Best British Album.

Now he says he’s got a new one on the way.

Stormzy at the 2018 Brit Awards
He may be good at making music, but he’s dreadful at remembering to pack a coat. Image copyright: Getty Images.

“It’s about showing everyone again,” he explained. “I think that’s what music is.

“It’s about continuously showing people – body of work after body of work, single after single, release after release, piece of music after piece of music, live performance after live performance – that you are exactly who you are meant to be and exactly where you should be.”

He didn’t give a release date for the new album, but did have a message for anyone who might underestimate it.

“I’ve never come here to play games. As a musician, I take that so seriously.

Stormzy with BBC Radio 1Xtra's Dotty
Image captionStormzy was chatting to BBC Radio 1Xtra’s Dotty

“As a man I’m very light-hearted. I love a joke and all that, but when it comes to music I say bruv I’ve never ever, ever played around – ever.

“This time around I’m more hell bent than ever in setting that tone in terms of… I’m there because I am a serious musician.

“I’m kind of done talking. There’s a build-up and this time round I’m ready… I got the album and we are going to show the world… exactly why I managed to get here in my career.”

First published 26.04.19:

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