Appeal launched to help the victims of Cyclone Idai & Cyclone Kenneth

We’re living in a time that compels each of us to act and Muassite’s story from Mozambique is exactly that and inspirational. This is Muassite below. Muassite heads up the Anglican dioceses’ innovative community development work which focuses on health, HIV, water, education, etc based in Nampula. But her home and church is in Pemba.

Muassite amongst the rubble.

Like thousands of others, her home was partially destroyed due to Cyclone Kenneth & the flooding. But she is the one who is leading the diocese’s response.

As soon as she could, she managed to get out to Chiure district a couple of hours out of Pemba to the rural areas where the diocese has a school, an active churches and community development work and works in many villages and communities. The situation out in these rural areas is dire. No government or NGO’s had reached these areas and so she and her team went about visiting homes, churches, and the school.

They discovered that the school was destroyed and the church and many homes after the River Lurio burst its banks. This photo below is of the school taken a month ago. A very rural church school that didn’t even have a bore-hold but was still educating 768 pupils and underneath a photo from yesterday of it destroyed.

The school before it was destroyed.
All that remains of the school after the devastating cyclone.

Muassite also discovered the community’s harvests are destroyed so the situation for these 1000’s of people in this area will be dire for a number of months without intervention. The team set about gathering data and making plans.

Below is Amade & his wife Juliana and their 4 children who lost their home and everything. This is the same story for so many families. Muassite told us it is amazing to hear that another family have taken them into their home and the kindness that she is witnessing amongst these families.  

This is all so tragic for so many reasons. Firstly, we have seen this all before a month ago in Cyclone Idai, where the 2 other Dioceses of Lebombo and Niassa are also struggling to respond, and we hear the same situation time and time again.

Someone wrote ‘ the terror of the disaster is eclipsed only by its scale.’ And it is vast. But also because the donor community are tired to the story of Mozambique. They are almost not willing to hear any more tragedy. But these people need our help now and Muassite and the Anglican are working now as I write. We need more churches and people to support this work now and not tire of this tragedy because these funds are making a real difference.

What’s also unique about this Anglican community development work is that it’s all grassroots, local Mozambicans doing the work, who are from these communities and know the issues and problems inside out. It is not the west swooping in and putting their solutions in place.  The church is active in these remote rural areas, where no other NGO’s are working.

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