A provocative and searingly honest look at race in the Church

Have you ever thought what it might feel like to be a minority black face in a majority white church?

From the UK church’s complicity in the transatlantic slave trade to the whitewashing of Christianity throughout history, the church has a lot to answer for when it comes to race relations. Christianity has been dubbed the white man’s religion, and yet the Bible speaks of an impartial God and contains a diverse body of believers.

It’s time for the church to start talking about race.

We Need to Talk About Race by Ben Lindsay is out in July

Ben Lindsay, pastor of Emmanuel Church London, leads this conversation, offering eye-opening insights into the black experience, and challenging the perceived ‘status quo’ in white majority churches. Nothing is beyond his scope: music, history, leadership, social justice and theology itself.

‘Ben Lindsay’s book is a must-read for the UK church. He is lucid, punchy and deeply honest about the issue of racism in the UK today, and in the UK church. This book is shaped deeply by the Gospel call for transformation: of individuals, of communities, of society at large. It is my prayer that we heed this call and respond together to the mandate to challenge discrimination in all its forms.’

Justin Welby, Archbishop of Canterbury

Ben Lindsay is a pastor at Emmanuel Church London. He is passionate about inclusion and wants to see a racially diverse church that better serves and represents the local context. Ben is CEO and founder of Power The Fight, a charity empowering communities to end youth violence. He has a background working in local government and the charity sector. This is his first book.

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