Phil Thompson’s Dark Place: The Birthing of Billboard Hit Song ‘My Worship’

Billboard chart-topping worship artist Phil Thompson, whose live session video of his debut track ’My Worship’ soared to One million views within just Two months of its release,says that the song was birthed out of a difficult three year season of divorce and custody battles for his children.

“I was going through a very painful divorce from my 16-year marriage. It was like a death. To fight in court for custody of my children and the impact that season had on my their lives was the most devastating for me. God gave me so many songs in that period.”

The singer/songwriter recalls sitting at his piano with tears flowing, writing and singing songs like his album track ‘Light The Way’. He feels the Lord gave him that song at that time to pull him through his own personal battle, not realising that one day that song and others like ‘My Worship’ would have the global impact on the lives of many that it has.

“I’ve received so many crazy testimonies about people who were going to commit suicide and ‘My Worship’ would come through on YouTube. Every time I hear a testimony like that, it’s the most humbling feeling. It’s one of those moments where you’re the most grateful because of the knowledge that people’s lives are being impacted because of what I went through. That’s a really cool feeling.”

Released in the autumn of 2017, ‘My Worship’ was written at the end of what Phil describes as the most difficult period of his life from a position of gratefulness to God for bringing him out of the midst of his personal storm. It was at this point he received the revelation that each person’s worship is as unique as their fingerprint.

“The place to sing ‘My Worship’ is from a place of gratefulness.”

Recorded and filmed live, the ‘My Worship’ video has garnered more than 10 million views to date and continues to rise as more people around the world connect with Phil’s sincerity in worship. His full album also entitled ‘My Worship’ and packed with powerful worship songs like ‘My Worship’ and ‘Light The Way’, as well as ‘Chasing Your Glory’, ‘The Ultimate’ and ‘The Lord’s Prayer’ reached #1 on Billboard Charts.

“Let me be honest, I didn’t know any of this was going to happen. I’ve been writing songs for 15 years and was thinking that this would be my last. We uploaded the video to YouTube and overnight it had clocked 20,000 views. I knew God wanted to do something with this song.”


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