JB Gill Champions Church challenge

JB Gill, musician and TV presenter of Songs of Praise, is challenging churches to use their creativity and talents to help send medical care to some of the poorest people in the world.

JB learnt all about the work of Mercy Ships during his recent visit to the Africa Mercy, the largest charity-run hospital ship in the world, currently docked in Guinea.

“It’s a very innovative way to bring care, bring that much needed help to many people around the world.” – JB Gill.

2 out of 3 people worldwide do not have access to safe, affordable surgery. Mercy Ships is changing this using its unique approach. The Africa Mercy hospital ship follows the 2000-year-old model of Jesus by bringing hope and healing directly to the world’s poor.

Mercy Ships relies on professional volunteers, who treat eye problems, cleft lips and palates, remove tumours, correct club foot, and treat childbirth injuries, burns and various other conditions onboard to reduce the immediate backlog of surgical patients in a country whilst also mentoring and training local health care professionals and renovating local medical facilities.

In order to carry out this vital work JB and Mercy Ships are challenging churches to help make history by requesting a free Church challenge pack.

The charity’s “Make History” church pack (free to download from this page) includes three #MercyActs Challenge Cards that will inspire churches to have fun and get creative, as they raise money to fund the charity’s hospital ship and medical programmes in sub-Saharan Africa.

“This pack gives you and your church everything you need to know to get behind Mercy Ships and the work that they’re doing – Mercy shouldn’t just sit on the sidelines, Mercy should act.” – JB Gill.

Darren Richards, Church and Community Partnership Manager at Mercy Ships, said: “The church is a treasure trove of talent. Imagine what could happen if everyone took something they loved doing – their hobbies and sporting passions – and then used that to help the poor in Africa.”

Participants will also be encouraged to connect with Mercy Ships on social media by posting pictures or sharing a video of their fundraising ideas along with the #MercyActs hashtag.

To find out more visit mercyships.org.uk

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