Celebration of Hope – National Stadium Singapore

Over the weekend of 17–19 May, J.John preached the gospel at 3 of the 6 Celebration of Hope rallies which took place in the National Stadium of Singapore.

Over the course of Celebration of Hope, 5,485 people responded publicly to commit their lives to following Jesus. The number of people responding is inspiring and we pray that God would do the same in the UK. We count people because people count, and we know that each person that responded has an individual story and walk and has made a significant step in their journey of faith.

We were further encouraged by the numbers that watched the live-stream of J.John’s talks. Two of the meetings that J.John spoke at were live streamed on Facebook and YouTube, and to date they have had a combined 276,000 views. We pray that those who watched the live stream will also progress in their journey of faith.

J.John’s 3 messages all revolved around the theme of hope; ‘The Freedom of Hope’, ‘The Joy of Hope’, and ‘The Reality of Hope’. Other rallies included a rally for children and families, a Chinese-language rally, and a Tamil-language rally.

May God guide and protect those that have responded during Celebration of Hope, and may we see even more of these proclamation events taking place across the world.

J.John Revd Canon


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