Keep The Faith Issue 109

Welcome to Issue 109! Everyone loves news of a new baby, and we start by congratulating the Duke and Duchess of Sussex on the safe arrival of their son, Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor!

We celebrate MEN in this issue, as we approach Father’s Day in June! I am blessed with a wonderful, loving father, who is now 89 years young. Sadly, there are many children who do not have fathers or any male role models in their lives. Are men becoming an endangered species? Are their identities being redefined with the growing number of single parent women?

There were plenty of men at the recent Standing Together rally, organised by the Synergy Network (a part of the Ascension Trust). The rally was followed by a meeting of senior church leaders, who are making great strides in the fight against serious youth crime, for example, working towards a nationwide plan to free up space in church buildings for youth work, and waiving funeral service fees for teenage victims of knife crime to help their families. (Can you believe there were 3,000 stabbings in the UK last year?) We also discuss how we can be stronger together for the common good.

We have Gospel News from the UK, America, South Africa and all the way from Australia! We look at what makes music producers tick, and the signs of a new era in gospel music.

We interviewed Viv Ahmun, the entrepreneur who is inspiring others, and we highlight the warning signs of prostate cancer and the ignorance of sickle cell disease. There is also a feature about the new changes to the Religious Worker Visa, which threaten the future of churches and ministries.

What has Pentecostalism ever done for Christianity? Does your brain have too many tabs open? (I am sure mine does!) To decree or not to decree? These and many more topics are explored in this issue.

Finally, Happy Father’s Day to all our dads, uncles, brothers, grandfathers, pastors and to our MEN… We appreciate you!

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